Ruth Lachaert

Ruth Lachaert

Multipotentialist - The Fire of Katara

I have over 12 years of pharmaceutical industry experience across different therapeutic areas and R&D functions related to Clinical Development, Critical Phase Project Management, Process Excellence, Regulatory Submissions, Data Management and Market Access Health Economics, on global, EMEA and national level. Katara and UmamiFlow combine this broad experience in a variety of health environments (biotech, pharma, hospitals) and organizations that want to become top performers. Always within the triangle of Performance, Innovation and Creativity.

Peter Deckers

Multipotentialist - The Earth of Katara

Hack life. See the bigger picture. Connect with people. Do the undone. Solve problems. Mix ideas. Transfer knowledge. Innovate the un-innovated. Take challenges. Listen to people. Gamify life. Live healthy. Bring people together. Create webs and appsites. Visualize disorder. Brainstorm the unknown. Explain social media. Think along. Organize workshops. Apply lesson’s learned. Live Covey’s principles. Do something meaningful. Simplify things. Improve processes. Inspire people. Make sense. Support people. Live consciously. But most of all… PLAY :.

Katrien De Groote

Multipotentialist - The Air of Katara

During the 15 years I worked in Pharmaceutical Industry in several positions, I specifically gathered experience in the field of pricing and reimbursement, Market Access and Health Economics (10 years of experience). As from 1st of January 2012, I've started up INNOSENS bvba, devoted to market access in the Benelux, innovation, human interest and personal growth/development. Specialties: Reimbursement applications in Benelux; pharmaco-economics; pricing; Belgian and Dutch legislation regarding pricing and reimbursement; market access; pricing; personal development; innovation; human interest; personal and group coaching; organizational change


Multipotentialist - The Water of Katara

You. You have the potential inside, the power to be as adaptable and as powerful as water. Katara will help you in finding that potential.